Flowers Talk Outdoor Urn 3It is that time of year!  The frost has hit and it is now time to fill those outdoor urns with winter beauty.  No need to go and grab one of the those cheezy inserts from the big box stores  with the floppy bow and the sad looking greenery, you can do it yourself!

It is as easy as 1-2-3!

First, consider where you are placing your urns.  The space you have to work with and go from there.  Think of the scale and balance as to where they will be placed. Is it a narrow doorway?  Then keep your arrangements tall and linear.  Maybe opt for one container instead of two?  If you have a large grand entrance, then the containers and size need to reflect that.

Prep your containers.  If you are not sure that they are made to handle our sub zero temperatures, then you have a little bit of work to do.  Fill the bottom 1/4 of your container with limestone, gravel or sand.  This will help weigh it down in the wind.  Next, add some light foam wrapping within the inside of the container.  This will help with the freezing and thawing and the expansion of the soil in the winter, thus help with the chance of cracking your container.

Flowers Talk Outdoor Urn 2Next, fill your container up with soil.  Just an inexpensive black earth is perfect.  Start with your tall pieces ie; birch poles, bamboo, then start filling with your greens.  Don’t be afraid to use an assortment of 3-4 different greeneries to add to the texture and colour.  I suggest, magnolia, boxwood, cedar, juniper, spruce,  be creative!  Use the soil as your grid, give your stems a fresh cut and just pop them in.  Add in berries, dogwood and sparkle branches to give a splash of colour.  Then if you like, add in some large unbreakable balls (stay away from glass), a couple of strands of lights, pinecones and whatever you like!  Add a bucket or two of hot water, and if the temperature cooperates, everything will flash freeze.  The moisture is sealed in and if there isn’t a thaw, your arrangement will last through until Spring.

We carry all of the above items in stock, with fresh shipments coming multiple times a week.  Everything can be purchased by the bunch or custom ordered.  

If outdoor urns are still daunting, or time does not allow, please give us a call and we will be more then happy to come out and setup everything for you!  And you can even take all the credit!

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