3 Ways Plants Can Help Sell Your Home Faster

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Trying to sell your house?

Plants can be the secret staging weapon that can help it sell faster! They do more than meets the eye. They don’t just look beautiful as decor—they can make a house feel like a home and make a buyer feel like they are in the right place.

The outcome of your final sale can lie in the staging. The first impression potential buyers have of your home has a huge impact on whether they will leap to make an offer!

Here are the reasons why, and some tips to choose the right houseplants for staging your home!


1. Plants give the impression of a clean and healthy environment.

Homebuyers are looking for their own personal oasis. Choosing the right plants can signify a lot more than just a beautiful environment. They can also represent clean air, a fresh start, ties to nature, and the care and concern you have put into your home. Plants have the power to make any space happier and healthier by purifying the air and improving your mood.

  • Tip: Choose a robust plant that’s not easy to kill. With people coming in and out of your space and the craziness of selling a home, it can be easy to forget to water your plant. Not to mention, the spot that you want to put your plant during staging may not have great sunlight. Try a large snake plant! They thrive in low light and are happiest when you forget to water them

2. A large plant can make your space feel larger.

Another perk of using large plants for staging is drawing the eye upward and elongate your ceilings’ height. Their greenery can also serve as a focal point in a room, taking the buyer on an excursion of the eyes! elongating

Your choice of the plant must be scaled to the size of the room to ensure it’s not taking too much space! A plant that is too wide in a small room can make space feel smaller.

  • Tip: Choose a tall floor plant like a giant white bird of paradise. This will not only bring some tropical vibes into your space, but it will also draw the eye up and make your space feel larger!

3. Plants make for modern and trendy decor.

Classic styles, modern and contemporary, or even tropical and bohemian! The vibrancy of plants can elevate every décor style and can take a space from basic to sophisticated with their colour and flare.

Using plants in your design can also give the buyer the impression of added quality and value and can help them picture themselves living there!

  • Tip: Choose a decorative pot that compliments your staging décor. A gorgeous plant stand, a rustic basket, or a beautiful ceramic pot will make for a unique, stand-out piece of décor.

I hope these plant staging tips help!

10 inch ficus moclame braid on a white background
Spanish Ivy Topiary in Plant Basket against white background
14″ SCHEFFLERA AMATE in a pot on a table

Hurry though, our houseplants sell out fast!

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