This week, I wanted to share 5 favourites of mine that are going to get you springtime ready in no time!

Breathing new life into my home

The days are getting longer, so to me, that means spring is right around the corner! The holiday decor is packed away for the year and my house was feeling a little bare. And what better way to fill a corner or add some life to a room than with a beautiful new plant to add to your collection.

Give a ficus lyrata a shot, or perhaps a stunning dracaena or photogenic philodendron. Whichever you choose, adding a tall plant into a vacant corner will do wonders for the space, the air, and the general mood of a home.

We all wish we could take a tropical vacation these days, so what better way to transform your decor than by adding in a cactus or a lovely palm tree.

If you are stuck and can’t choose a plant or need some friendly advice, send us an email or a message on social and I will be happy to answer any questions that you have.


Pops of color

I know that the muted color palette is still really popular now, but nothing screams spring to me pops of colorful pots filled with fragrant and fresh spring flowers and bulbs. Everything from mini daffodils to campanula, primula to ivy, and African violets.
Dozen Roses
Elizabeth, owner of Flowers Talk Tivoli in Ottawa, is making a gift arrangement of flowers.

Spring blooms

Tulips, hyacinths, garden roses, stock, lisianthus…all of the fragrant beauties are bursting in our cooler these days. So many Canadian-grown flowers from Prince Edward Island to British Columbia.



Now that all that winter greenery is packed up, it’s time to change our senses to something lighter and brighter. We have the most fantastic candles and room sprays from a local maker that I am really excited about. I tried these room sprays and believe me when I tell you, they will transform a space! And they are so long-lasting! I spray this on my bed in the morning and then again lightly before bed. No chemicals, no toxins, just pure goodness.


My puppies

Everything doesn’t have to be from the flower shop, does it?
Dozen Roses
Elizabeth, owner of Flowers Talk Tivoli in Ottawa, is making a gift arrangement of flowers.

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