A Florist’s 5 Go-To Favourite Flowers

by Elizabeth's Picks, Floral, Flowers

We all have our go-to favourites, right?


Especially these days, we tend to gravitate toward the things that bring us comfort. From the comfiest of clothes to our favourite coffee mug.

Here are my 5 go-to favourite flowers for any occasion!


From January to May, I always add tulips into my arrangements. You may have heard me talk about the Vanco tulips from Prince Edward Island before. They are a family-owned farm and they grow the most beautiful and long-lasting tulips that come in the most wonderful shades of pink, purple, yellow, orange, red and white!


Available for such a short season, if you blink you may miss these beauties! We are lucky to be able to extend our season with this favourite. We receive peonies from Holland, British Columbia, some southern states and the Niagara Region.

Our favourite peony varieties include:

  • Buckeye Belle – A deep ruby red colour
  • Sarah Bernhart – A pretty shade of light pink
  • Coral Charm – A beautiful deep salmon colour


Roses are the only flowers that are available all year round and come in every colour of the rainbow! Except for the dyed blue…please stay away from those, but that’s a topic for another day!

Our favourite roses are the most fragrant and stunning David Austin garden roses that come in light pink, hot pink, deep red, white, bright yellow, soft lavender and cream. These varieties are the heaviest scented of the roses we offer. Then we have our tried-and-true varieties (believe us when we say we have tried almost every rose and have worked hard to narrow the list)!

We receive these favourite flowers on a weekly basis:

  • White Mondial – A long-lasting true creamy white rose that holds perfectly
  • Pink Mondial – The perfect shade of light pink
  • Red Paris or Red Explorer – A classic medium red rose
  • Free Spirit – The perfect blend of pink and orange and a long-time favourite at Tivoli
  • Country Sun – A yellow rose that looks as bright as its name sounds


Another highlight flower that has a short growing season! Grown in the Niagara and Ottawa Valley region, these gems are available to us from June until the last frost. Dahlias offer a stunning display of colour in the mini pom poms, all the way up to the dinner plate-sized varieties. From deep reds, to blush pinks, to one of the most popular varieties called Café Au Lait—we absolutely adore dahlias!


This fluffy and delicate flower is often mistaken for a rose, giving it the nickname “Texas Rose.” But, at our shop, we call this stunning flower, Lizzy. Strong and delicate all at the same time!

The lisianthus comes with multiple blooms on its stem, ranging from light pink to deep pink, to lavender, to dark purple, white, cream and green. They tend to be one of the longer-lasting blooms in an arrangement!

Check out our full selection of floral arrangements and place your order online if you see something you like!

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