Here at Flowers Talk Tivoli, we have the pleasure of working with some of the best local professionals in the decor and event industries. Among our favourites are the kitchen and bath design specialists at Astro Design Center. Their amazing designers are often at the shop looking for the perfect green piece to accent their perfect rooms. This week I asked the charming Dean for his advice on how you can best decorate any room with plants.


Often when you walk into a room, even when recently renovated it can feel a little sterile or inhospitable. I find that those rooms are usually void of life. They may be beautiful, but without the injection of something natural and living the space feels incomplete. When I am designing a room or home one of the biggest (and easiest) ways to make it feel inviting is by adding nature to it. Below are a few easy ways to do so.


Phalaenopsis orchid

Colourful phalaenopsis orchids in neutral footed bowl.


  1. Vibrant Floral Arrangements are a great way to introduce colour into a space without having to make a permanent commitment. We often stick to neutrals when designing, but the end result can feel cold or impersonal. A bold burst of colour whether in the form of a jewel tone orchid or a garden inspired bouquet will quickly break up the sea of bland.
    Fiddle leaf fig.

    The gorgeous full canopy of a fiddle leaf fig.


  2. Large House Plants are essential in any space. They are basically living sculpture and are a great way to bring down the scale of huge cavernous spaces. Fiddle leaf fig trees fill the space well and are right on trend.

    Elegant olive branches in clear glass


  3. Branches work really well at adding something organic to a space. The fluid lines and warmth of the bark create interest in any room. The great thing about this option is that they require little maintenance.
    cargeneia cactus

    Carnegeia cactus sitting thoughtfully by a tall window


  4. Cactus For Any Modern Space... Perhaps it’s the sense of harshness associated with a cactus that best mimics the rigidity of modern design that make them such a good fit.


Thanks Dean!

Come on in to 282 Richmond Rd to see all the lovely plants we have just waiting to give your home that finishing touch.

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