Be The Perfect Guest

by Decor, Elizabeth's Picks

It feels like so long since we have been able to visit with family and friends that feel like family!

With this beautiful summer weather, and the ability to gather together in small groups, I suspect there will be a few afternoons and evenings spent in great company.

Whenever I am invited to someone’s home, I like to bring a gift – a thoughtful token of my appreciation for being welcomed into their home (and all the effort that entails!)

Although wine is a popular gift, I find that the host ends up serving the wine at dinner instead of saving it to savour later!

That’s why I love the idea of bringing a gift that speaks to the personality of the host. It’s something they will look at fondly after their guests are long gone – in other words, something that lasts longer than dinner does!

If your host is a gardener (whether their garden is a lavish outdoor oasis or a collection of houseplants), they will appreciate some beautiful gardening supplies. Fill the pot with a touch of tulle for an elegant package.

If your host lives to entertain, they will welcome some unique decor items to liven up their next gathering. Lightly scented candles, adorable straws, and elegant paper napkins are perfect to dress up their table.

If your host adores fresh flowers, save your host some fussing and bring beautiful blooms already arranged in a pretty vase, pot or planter. Instead of flying around opening cupboards to dig out a suitable receptacle, your host can focus on serving appetizers and admiring their gift.

Looking for more? Check out our full selection of gift ideas:

Armed with the perfect host gift, I hope you can enjoy these moments of gathering with your favourite small group of people again!

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