Caring For Your Valentine’s Bouquet 

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So, you received a bouquet of flowers so beautiful that you wish they’d last forever. Now what? Here’s what to do to make your Flowers Talk Tivoli fresh-cut flowers last as long as possible! Read on, or watch this video to follow along.

1. Unwrap Your Bouquet

The first thing you need to do when you receive your flowers is remove the wrapping. All of our bouquets come hand-tied with our signature raffia, wrapped in recyclable brown craft paper and a little bit of tissue paper. Use a pair of scissors or pruners to snip of the raffia and then remove and discard the paper in your recycling bin.

2. Remove Water tubes & Trim The Stems

Our delivered bouquets all come with water tubes on the stems to keep your flowers fresh while they are on their way to your home. All you have to do is slide them off, dump out the water and place the plastic in your recycling bin.

If you just stop by the shop to pick up a bouquet it may not come with the water tubes, so you can skip this step.

The next step is to trim the stems. This is necessary for all flowers (even if you are putting them in water in less than an hour)! This is because, just like when we get a cut we start healing right away, so do the bottoms of the stems of the flowers – they start to heal over. If you put your flowers in water without cutting them, they won’t be able to drink the same and they won’t last as long.

We recommend using a pair of floral snips, garden pruners, or a very sharp knife. Scissors tend to squish the stems making it harder for your flowers to get water.

Cut your stems on an angle to open up as much of that stem to the water as possible. Because our bouquets are already arranged, you can cut all of the stems to the same length.

Remove any leaves at the bottom of the steps – when the leaves are in the water it can create bacteria and shorten the life of your flowers.

3. Add Flower Food to Your Water

Each of our bouquets will come with a little pack of flower food that helps keep bacteria out of your water. Start by adding half the pack to room temperature water, and save the other half for when you change your water.

4. Place Your Bouquet in a Vase

When our designers create the bouquets we tie them up so they can just be perfectly placed in a vase – no need to redesign them. You can leave the raffia tie on or remove it – it’s up to you!

5. Change Your Water

Don’t forget to change your water every few days and give your vase a really good clean with a mild detergent. Trim your stems with each water change and add the rest of your flower food.

6. Keep Them Out of the Sun & Away From a Heat Source

Do you have more questions about how to keep your flowers lasting longer? Leave a comment below or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram!

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