Create Your Own Backyard Summer Oasis

by Decor, Elizabeth's Picks

If you are anything like me, you spend all winter dreaming of summer. (I think all Canadians do!)

I enjoy quiet mornings spent sipping coffee while the rest of the house sleeps, watching the mist rise lazily from the warming ground.

I love weekends spent curled up in the shade on the back deck reading, looking up from the pages to watch a fuzzy bumblebee alight from flower to flower.

I savour and enjoy the sweet relief of the evening breeze, sipping chilled cocktails after dinner by the glow of citronella candles.

But, most of all, what I look forward to about summer is being outdoors. That’s why my outdoor space is so important. 

I always think of my back deck and front porch as extensions of my home—true outdoor living spaces. Every year I pick up a new little something to add to my outdoor collection: wind chimes, a cool new candleholder, or perhaps a couple of new pillows or throws.

I love bringing my indoor plants outside to enjoy some of the summer sunshine and humidity.

(Indoor plants that love being outside in the summertime include: Sanseveria, Dracena, Monstera, and Ficus!)


Turning your outdoor space into a calming oasis is actually quite simple!

  • Lots of luscious greenery! Outdoor plants can transform any backyard space into a tropical destination.
  • Gently flickering candles and solar-powered lanterns create a warm and inviting glow and perfume the air with a light scent.
  • Beautiful art in organic materials (metal, wood, stone) adds interest and elegance.
  • Small details like doormats and candleholders help your outdoor space feel like an effortless extension of your home.​

Take a look at some of our faves below and order online if you see something you like!

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Our summers are so fleeting – savour every blissful moment outside in a calming oasis of your own.

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