Oh, darling! Aren’t dahlias delightful? These summer beauties are one of our favourites; their colours are more vibrant, they come in all shapes and sizes and their petal symmetry is so damn satisfying!

Burgundy star dahlia: the original drama llama

The national flower of Mexico, they are native to the region and have been used for thousands of years for their delicious, sweet potato-like tubers. Around here we grow them in the garden as semi-perennials and cut them for vase arrangements. Not hardy to zone 5, the tubers need to be planted after the last frost of spring and dug up before the first frost in fall. They can be stored over winter for the next year’s use.

A carpet of dahlias!

We absolutely love to use dahlias in our arrangements! They aren’t so fond of being used in floral foam and will only last a day or two, but in clear water, they last up to a week! As with all cut flowers, be sure to strip any leaves that would be below the waterline and give the stems a fresh cut with a sharp non-serrated knife right before putting in warm clean water.

Sunset coloured dahlias and Tiffany roses!

Favourite varieties we carry regularly are the orange ball dahlias. They look like little pumpkins and I want to eat them; gorgeous deep burgundy star dahlias are so dramatic! And of course, the Queen Bee, the stunning dinner-plate Cafe au Lait dahlia is…she’s the queen for a reason.

Queen Bee Cafe au Lait: as big as your face!

Dahlias are available from now until frost hits. Come in and see what your favourite is!


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