Decorating With Airplants

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I know that we all love easy to care for plants, and I don’t think there is an easier plant on earth to care for than the Tillandsia.

That’s why I’ve put together this step by step guide so you can discover just how easy they are to care for!

They grow naturally in trees in warm climates such as Florida and Mexico. The rainwater runs through them as they sit sheltered in the tree to dry out between watering. They don’t’ need soil, love bright filtered light and get their nutrients from the air. The perfect spot for Airplants are in the bathroom where they will thrive with the humidity from the shower.

How to water your Tillandsia:

Airplants prefer to be watered with rainwater or bottled water to get the best results. Fill a bowl or sink and submerge your plants. The best way is to submerge them for 1-2 hours.

Air plants only take as much water as they need, so you can’t overwater them. Most air plants die because of lack of water and humidity.

Misting will help, but will not give them the humidity that they are used to in their natural environments.

After your plants have had a good soak, shake them out and let them dry out upside down on a towel. If Tillandsia are not flipped upside down, the water will pool in the base causing your plant to rot from the inside out.

Lean them up against something to drip out if needed. Let them drip out for a couple of hours before putting them back into your decorative spot.

Try these easy ways to decorate with your airplants:

– A simple metal frame or wreath works perfectly to show off the minimalist feel of your Tillandsia.

– You can make a really simple centrepiece for a dining table or coffee table by incorporating driftwood and some shells. 

– Keep it simple and add just a touch of something on the bathroom counter next to the sink.

– Or, take that simple style into your living room where your airplant can bask in the sun on a piece of driftwood.

Feeling inspired to make your own airplant decor?

We receive shipments of tillandsia weekly and try our best to always have a selection of different sizes in stock so stop by and have a look!

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