Not everyone has an artistic eye or a crafty hand. People of the type that designers are made love to play and experiment and manipulate stems and blooms to turn them into an intricate pattern and expression of joy or solidarity. Some people just want their kitchen table to look nice already and stop with the fussing!

Image (2)Today we’re here for the latter group.

How To Cheat Your Way To A Beautiful Floral Display 

It rhymes, so you know it’s going to be good.

The first cheat involves zero design. Take an assortment of bud vases of the same or similar style or colour and place in each a few stems of one type of flower or branch. Create variety by making each vase a different height and a different type of flower. Create unity by using all the same colour. Go tall for an entrance way or side table, keep em short for along a dinning table. Easy-peasy!

Image (1)The second cheat involves a tiny bit of design. Take a nice linear flower with  graceful arc like tulips, calla lilies, or ornithogalum and lay about ten or twelve stems into a low, rectangular vase. Fill the bottom of the vase with pebbles for some texture and interest and layer them starting with a longer stem at the bottom and trim them a bit as you go to fan the blooms upward towards the top layer. That’s elegant.

The third cheat is sort of almost considered a designed bouquet, but it is wicked simple, I promise! Take a big-headed focal flower like a large rose, carnation (it’s ok, they’re making a comeback), or… well, really they’re the best two for this. Holding the stems a few inches below the bloom, starting with two or three, hold them with the heads tight together and the stems criss-crossing at your hand. Gradually add more blooms evenly around, keeping the criss-crossing tight and the shape round. Be sure to turn it a bit or use a mirror to make sure all sides are round. Keep going until you’ve reached the desired size. Tie the point where you’ve been holding them and cut the stems to put in your clean vase of warm water. Bam! One glorious table centrepiece ready to go!

1001106_1124581294242036_3648875283087872509_nTry these super easy tricks for your next gathering or party and show us how you did! Tag us on instagram @flowerstalkot and on our Facebook page to show off your skills!

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