You’ll Adore This DIY Living Fall Centrepiece

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It’s that time of year when we may feel caught between two seasons. Thanksgiving is over, but we are not ready to start decorating our home for winter yet! 

That doesn’t mean that some of us have not already started searching Pinterest for seasonal decor or scoping local websites for something new and interesting for the holidays.

Here is a super simple way to add fall decor to your table or kitchen island without committing to the winter season!

It’s a simple as 1-2-3!

Step 1: 

Start with a nice large and low container. Something that when filled, you can clearly see over. The general rule for a table centrepiece is no more than 16″ in height when filled.

Here, I have a white container that we carry in the store, a block of wet oasis, a block of dry oasis, a 4″ kalanchoe, a 6″ croton, some magnolia, moss and little pumpkins.

Step #2:

Remove the plastic pot from your 6″ croton and place it in the centre of the bowl. I then placed the 4″ Kalanchoe beside it. The croton is the tallest and most colourful element, so placing it in the centre works well.

Step #3:

I alternated 1/3 of each block of the dry oasis and wet oasis around the rest of the container. The wet oasis will be used to place the magnolia and the dry will hold our little pumpkins from falling into the arrangement.

Step #4:

I cut my magnolia branches into smaller pieces and inserted them into the wet foam.

Step #5:

Wet your moss for 2-3 minutes. This makes the moss easier to pull apart and look more natural in your arrangement.

Step #6:

Place moss on the dry oasis and tuck in throughout your magnolia to cover any of the floral foam.

Step #7:

Place little pumpkins on the moss. You could also use gourds if you wanted to!

Water this arrangement once a week and it will last you until you are ready to transition into the winter greenery.


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