While most dream of their perfect wedding dress, we fantasize about the amazing bouquets to go with that dream wedding dress.

Bridal bouquets can be made to fit any style, budget, and theme. Just because most people think of a ribbon wrapped bouquet of roses doesn’t mean that that’s a bride’s only option.

Here are some of our favourite bouquets:

white and green cascade bouquet

Luxurious cascade bouquets are full of flowers with the best full blooms and have long trails of greenery flowing out that can range from a little to a lot. This bouquet style hides the hands entirely with its full foliage while being held.


red and white Posey bouquets

Posey bouquets are perfect for the minimalist bride. They feature simple flowers like roses and baby’s breath with touches of eucalyptus or ivory. These bouquets are very small and can easily be held in one hand.


white Hand-tied bouquet

Hand-tied bouquets are exactly as they sound – a rustic bouquet tied loosely with a ribbon exposing the stems of the flowers. These are a popular trend for the DIY bride. 


pink single stem bouquets

Single-stem bouquets are the pinnacle of simple and elegant. A single accent flower, big or small, can add just that perfect touch for a bride looking for a sweet romantic look or for one who is not the biggest fan of flowers. The flower choice can range from a single open rose to a bright peony.

There are so many more styles of bouquets, these only scratch the surface.

What type of bouquet did you have at your wedding or what is your dream bouquet? Let us know in the comments!

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