IMG_0193Fairy plants are miniaturized versions of common house plants and gosh-darn it they are adorable! They are wonderful for terrariums and small spaces. Because of their size they make a perfect gift for the office or as a small house-warming gift. They’re so tiny and sweet they’re great for teaching kids responsibility, they’ll love having a tiny garden of their own!

Container garden using various fairy plants.

A little more delicate than their larger counterparts, they like slightly higher humidity to keep their tiny roots from drying out. This makes them ideal for enclosed terrariums (find out how here!) You want to keep them in a bright location away from direct sunlight as the glass can intensify the heat.

Most varieties will be perfectly happy to grow only as large as their container allows. On occasion one will try to grow beyond their confines. When this happens a little pruning can help, or transplanting out to a larger container of it’s own might be necessary.

Some of the fairy varieties we carry include: maidenhair fern, spider plant, pilea, asparagus, palm, fittonia, and many more!

We have a terrarium workshop next Friday, January 22nd at 6:30. Call the shop to reserve your spot today and you can learn everything you need to know about planting and caring for your own adorable fairy garden. And then you’ll make it and take it home! Hooray!

Terrarium workshop January 22nd 2016

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