Flower Suggestions for Every Occasion

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We’ve got you covered with the perfect flower suggestions for any occasion!

Flowers can do so much; they can tell someone they are loved, tell someone that we are cheering for them, that we are sorry, and that we are thinking of them. Flowers really do talk! That is how the name of my first flower shop, Flowers Talk came to be.

Sometimes, when we don’t know what to say, it helps to let the flowers talk. So, let me give you the perfect flower suggestions to say what you’re truly feeling.

Some of the most common reasons to send flowers are for grieving, birthdays, anniversaries, newborn babies and to say congratulations.

I am here to help you with choosing the perfect flower varieties for every occasion!

Flowers for Grieving

When someone loses a loved one, sending flowers can let them know they’re on your mind. Whether they are being sent to the service or the home, it’s best to keep the flowers neutral. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful fresh mix of seasonal flowers in shades of whites and green. I also recommend sending the flowers already designed in the vase so that the recipient does not need to fuss to find a vase at home.

Some suggestions of seasonal flowers for sympathy include roses, hydrangeas, lisianthus, snapdragons or orchids. All of these are classic and strong, and will show the recipient that you are thinking of them and celebrating the life of their loved ones.

Flowers for Birthdays

If you know the person well, you most likely will know their favourite colours or their flower of choice. When you do not know the recipient very well, such as a work colleague or a client, think about what colours they tend to wear most often. If they tend to wear a lot of white, grey, or black, then it might be best to stick with a neutral or softer palette. If the recipient likes to wear clothes with a lot of colour, then you are safe to send a big colourful bouquet. Here you could most likely skip the vase as most people have a selection of vases at home. Some suggestions of great flowers for birthdays are ranunculus, hellebores, gerbera daisies, orchids, garden roses and peonies!

Flower Suggestions for Every Occasion
Elizabeth's Picks
Dozen Roses

Flowers for Anniversaries

One way to make an anniversary extra-special is to recreate the wedding bouquet! If you happen to have a photo from the wedding day, it is always nice to send it along to your favourite florist to have them try to source similar flowers from the big day. I love when I have the opportunity to re-create a bridal bouquet to celebrate a special anniversary, especially if I was lucky enough to create the original bouquet for their wedding. Some common wedding flowers are lisianthus, garden roses, peonies, astilbe, ranunculus, orchids, calla lilies and hydrangeas.

Flowers for Newborn babies

There is no need to go traditional here! Gone are the days of the all blue or all pink arrangements. I suggest sending the favourite flowers of the parents for them to enjoy. They will have long nights ahead and stressful moments, so a beautiful bouquet for the new parents to enjoy would be greatly appreciated.

I would send these flowers in a vase so the new parents do not need to do anything to them except take the arrangement out of the box and enjoy! Some common flowers to celebrate a newborn baby are tweedia, astilbe, garden roses, peonies and ranunculus.

Flowers for Congratulations

There are so many reasons to celebrate, and what better way to say congratulations than with flowers! Celebrating a retirement? Go with a mix of tropical flowers. Some common flowers for occasions like this are oncidium orchids, mokara orchids, free spirit roses, yarrow, solidago and peonies.

Depending on where you are sending it, you could choose to have the flowers arranged in a vase or without. If you are sending them to the office, in the vase is best. When sending them to a home, you can forgo the vase.

Whatever your reason is for sending flowers, we are always here to help with suggestions based on the occasion, seasonal availability and budget.

Check out our full selection of flowers and place your order online if you see something you like!

Special Occasion Bouquet
Sweet Arrangement with Keepsake Vase
Elegant Arrangement in Folded Vase

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