How To Water Air Plants

by Elizabeth's Picks, Plant Care

Let’s talk about air plants, also known as tillandsia! These little beauties are so easy to take care of and look great in so many decorative placements, but did you know that they do actually need water? So what is the best way to water them? Today we’ll be showing you how to do just that!

Air plants grow naturally in beautiful tropical locations like Mexico or Florida. There, you will see them growing in the trees where they are exposed to sunshine and rain. But when we have them in our homes, we do need to take the time to water them!

It’s not hard to do—just follow these steps!

STEP #1:

Fill your sink or a bowl with lukewarm or room temperature water. About an inch or so of water is fine. Submerge your air plants in the water and let them float around for about five minutes.

STEP #2:

Shake out each of the air plants individually to ensure all excess water is gone. It’s fine if there are a couple of drops or two, but you don’t want them to be sitting in a puddle of water.

STEP #3:

Place your air plants upside down on a tea towel to let them dry for another five minutes. Lean them up against something if you have to!

STEP #4:

Now your air plants are ready to return to their decorative displays!

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