Fall Into This Indoor Garden Tell-All

by Elizabeth's Picks, Fall, Plant Care, Winter

It has been said that 30 minutes of gardening a week gives you a healthier, happier and longer life. But, what should you do as the weather grows colder? Not to worry, if you still want to exercise your green thumb through the colder months, I’ve got you covered!

Here are five indoor plants that will satisfy your love for gardening:


Amaryllis is an easy-to-care-for houseplant that can brighten your windowsill, even in the cold of winter! 

Starting out as bulbs, growing these beautiful blooms is super simple, and we have tons of unique varieties to choose from in our online store!

How to grow and care for Amaryllis:

Plant your amaryllis bulb in a 6-8″ pot, in good potting soil. Plant it with the pointed end up, and pack the soil gently around it so a third of the bulb remains above the soil.

Place the pot in a spot that receives bright, indirect light and water sparingly until it has grown approximately 2 inches. After that, start watering regularly.

You can expect your Amaryllis to bloom 6-8 weeks after planting, however, some varieties can take as long as 10 weeks!

Hippeastrum Red Pearl
dutch amaryllis gervase - pink flower
papillio amaryllis

Snake Plant

Do you want a plant that still looks great after 3 weeks without water? How about a plant that not only looks good but cleans the air and thrives on neglect?

Let me introduce you to Sansevieria, otherwise known as Snake Plant or Mother-In-Law’s Tongue.

This sharp-leafed plant thrives in low light, with little water, and is perfect for even the newest plant parents (it’s loved by experienced plant parents too)!

Snake Plant in Pot
Snake Plant In Pot
Small Snake Plant


Pothos comes in many varieties and is a go-to choice for many homes because it is easy to care for and is tolerant of low-lighting.

The bright green leaves will add a bold splash of colour to your indoor garden oasis, and are sure to brighten your space!

Pothos plant in pot sitting on stool
Golden Pothos plant in hanging basket
Neon Pothos - Garden


Ficus also come in many varieties, such as the Fiddle Leaf Fig (a definite jaw-dropper) and the Midnight Bush, among others.

If you want your indoor garden to impress, a ficus is the plant for you!

Ficus love bright sunlight and need well-draining soil. Always water with moderation and don’t move it around as it can be sensitive to changing conditions.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
Midnight Bush
Ficus Tree


This pet-safe, tropical plant is a favourite in our shop and is a great option to grow indoors as they have many features that make them ideal houseplants. 

Peperomia comes in a variety of beautiful foliage, and they tolerate a range of growing conditions, making them the perfect addition to an indoor garden.

My favourite is the Watermelon Peperomia – what’s yours?

Small Watermelon Peperomia in Pot
Peperomia in hanging pot
Peperomia in pot

Do you want to create your own indoor garden this season? Check out the full selection of bulbs and houseplants in our online shop! But don’t wait too long – our plants sell out fast!​

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