Jazz Up Your Home Office

by Decor, Elizabeth's Picks

Whether your new home office is your kitchen table, a nook in your kid’s playroom, a guest bedroom that you save for Aunt Judy or beside the pile of laundry, now is your time to create not only a functional space but one that brings you a sense of calm and beauty.

How to style these Elizabeth’s Home Office Picks:


Who says that floor plants have to stay on the floor?

Raise up your favourite green buddy in this perfectly pearly pink plant stand? I mean seriously…doesn’t this finish off your perfect home office space?

The perfect addition for your plant stand: 

Let me introduce you to the Sansevaria, otherwise known as snake plants or mother in laws tongue.

Easy peasy… this is the plant for the green thumb, black thumb and busy thumb!


Everyone wants a co-worker of their dreams!

You can’t  go wrong with this little face wishing you good morning as you sit down at your desk to tackle the day ahead.

We have these cuties in two different sizes and colours that will surely match your office decor.

I can’t help but smile back at this little one. Perfect for a succulent, cactus or small tropical plant.

To add into the friendly face pot: a small tropical plant such as a 4″ Philodendron Monstera.

There is something so great about this little starter plant. The 4” monstera adds the perfect little touch of tropical without taking over a space. They like bright light and to be kept moderately moist. You will see as the plant matures that the leaves split as they unfurl.

For the smaller size of friendly face pot: a unique succulent or small cactus

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