You know that feeling when you walk through the local farmers market and you are surrounded with all the fresh grown local goodies?

When you look at how fresh everything looks and you are in awe of the long hours that those farmers put into creating such a thing of true beauty?

Well, my friends, that is how I feel about locally sourced flowers!

These are not huge flower farms with massive pieces of equipment, they do not have copious amounts of money to run greenhouses, but they do have so much love and determination to make flower farming a local success. For Flowers Talk Tivoli, we receive Canadian grown flowers from January to December. But in the warm summer months, there is so much abundance that I had to share with you, our loving flower friends.

local flower ottawa summer

This bouquet that Chelsey designed is overflowing with local deliciousness. Yarrow, zinnias, snapdragons, riceflower and cosmos. Chelsey integrated some non-local Victorian garden roses, pink piano garden roses, and Tiffany Ecuador roses as well.

Local Ottawa flowers

This fun little arrangement designed by Elena has a mix of burgundy basil, sweet peas, snapdragons, delphinium, zinnias, and cosmos.

Yellow Pink Local Ottawa Flowers

This arrangement designed by Pat has yarrow, zinnias, snapdragons with some non-local Carpe Diem roses and pink piano garden roses and is so perfectly rustic.

We are so happy to be able to carry locally grown flowers from the Niagara Region, through parts of Southern Ontario and the Ottawa Valley, and our flowers arrive so happy and fresh! Most are cut within 24 hours of receiving them! Now off to the market for this week’s produce!


What is your favourite local flower? Share your answer below!

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