When you tell someone what you would like as a gift, you can really love your flowers. Let me explain.

It was a couple of days before Christmas when a gentlemen came into our shop for a gift for his wife. He was very specific that he wanted a group of different coloured plants in pots to decorate a new yoga corner in their home. I was so impressed with the creativity of the gift and I asked him how came up with such a touching and creative idea. He simply told me that his wife asked for plants and that they come to our shop.

I loved everything about this! I loved that the woman was so specific about what she wanted, how her husband wanted nothing more than to please her, and I loved the gift of plants!

This got me thinking about how some customers agonize over what to buy someone they love because they’re not sure what they want.

Make it easy for them by telling them exactly what you want. Not only will it save them time, but they’ll feel good knowing that they are buying something that pleases you.

Ease their mind – tell them what you want by sending a picture of your favourite flowers to the “gifter” in your life – and love your flowers! ❤️

White, light pink and peach flowers mixed with greens in a glass vase.
Hydrangeas and roses.
Orange, hot pink, yellow and red flowers mixed with greens in a glass vase.
Tulips, roses and texture.
Dark purple, orange, hot pink, splash of yellow with greens floral bouquet in a paper wrap.
Purple and orange flowers.
Pale yellow and orange flowers with pale yellow and greens flowers.
Shades of yellow flowers.
Bright red, yellow, and orange flowers mixed with greens in a glass bowl on a wooden crate.
Orchids and roses.
A floral bouquet of pale pinky-peach flowers with darker pink, white and rose coloured flowers mixed with greens.
Bouquet of pinks and white.

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