When the days start getting longer and the hope of the snow melting grows stronger, I want to do anything that is spring inspired.

That’s where this fun spring planter that I created comes in!

It was inspired by a wooden plateau that we had in the store. You can use a large serving tray or a deep frame to create a similar effect.


First, line the wood plateau with Saran Wrap to protect the wood from the plants and moss. You could also use cellophane.


Then, shake the soil off of bulbs and expose them a little bit.

Keep a bit of the soil on the base of the bulbs with the roots. Place about 3-4 different varieties into a large plant tray. You can plant them close together since the spring bulbs don’t need space to spread out.

Place a small spring plant such as a primula or an ivy into a smaller plastic tray. These individual plants will be placed on either side of the larger trayed that is filled with bulbs.


Look how cute that primula looks beside the little grape hyacinths? Adorable!


After all your bulbs are in trays, place the large tray of bulbs into the centre of the plateau and then place the smaller plants on either end.


Before placing the preserved moss, I soaked it for about 10 minutes and then drained it out.

It makes it more pliable to place around the plants and easier to pull apart. I used the moss to cover up the mechanics of the planter, the Saran Wrap and the plastic containers. Simply place the moss in and amongst the containers.


I love how the bulbs look like they are growing out of the moss, almost like it’s green grass.


Place your finished spring bulb garden in a bright sunny spot. Be careful when watering the bulbs that you water into the little plant trays and not directly into your wooden plateau. Check on the watering of the bulbs every couple of days and only water lightly when the soil around them is dry. Don’t let your bulbs sit in water or they will rot. This bulb planter will probably live for about 2-3 weeks. The plants can easily be changed out for fresh ones.


Share a picture of your finished project with us on Facebook or Instagram when you are done!


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