Our Plants Of The Week

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How can you go wrong when you mix flapjacks, sugar vine, Calathea and algaonema? That’s right, you can’t!

Another large plant shipment came in this past week, and we narrowed down our favourites to share with you!

Are you ready for it?

I know that our favourite plants change every time we receive a new shipment, but we just love falling in love so here are this week’s favourites!

How can we not love a plant that is named after a pancake?

The flapjack is a very easy plant to take care and love forever. Put this beauty outside in the summer, and she will grow 10 times her original size. Trust me, try it, you will be so happy with how this beauty rewards you with her different coloured petals.

Sweet, sweet sugar vine!

Do you love the look of an English ivy, but find them finicky? Do adore the ease of the pothos or philodendron but want something with a more delicate leaf? Well, step aside common trailing plants and make room for our new favourite, the sugar vine.

Oh Calathea Vittata, we are going to be friends!

The white stripes on this darling are even more spectacular in real life. This is a love that will last a lifetime.

Oh Aglanonema cutlass, you are supreme!

With grass like thin leaves and slight variegation, this classic isn’t going anywhere!

Stop by the shop today and check out the beauties and many more!

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