Beautiful orange and yellow leaves, a crisp breeze, depressed school kids, pumpkin spiced everything… it’s almost here!

Fall: Everyone’s Favourite Season (Except for School Kids)

A beautiful fall planter from Flowers Talk Tivoli

A beautiful fall planter from Flowers Talk Tivoli

You’ve watched your summer planters grow and flourish, your garden has put forth the best blooms it can muster, but soon a chill in the air will cut those pretty petals down. You need to frost-proof your planters. It might make you sad to plan to take out those pretty petunias, ferns, and geraniums while they’re still so fresh and full, but in too-short a time there’s going to be a night-time chill, the daylight hours will further shrink and those summery warmth-loving blooms will start to fade and wilt. The best thing to do is put in some hardy, jewel-toned, fall plants that will power through the first frost or two and continue to look good until we’re ready for winter (which may actually be never but those kale can last a damn long time).

First thing you want to do is take an inventory. Check your summer planter for existing hardy plants. Good candidates for frost-tolerate plantings include:

  • kale
  • ornamental grasses
  • Jerusalem cherry
  • sedum
  • croton
  • wintergreen
  • mums

These guys can be kept over through fall, and I’m sure they’ll be nice and full and happy from your summer lovin’. Anything not terribly frost hardy should be removed or else they’ll wilt and make the whole thing look really sad. If you aren’t sure if what you have will tolerate cooler temps just give us a call and we can help you out.

Next thing you want to do is come to Flowers Talk Tivoli to plan your replacements. We have a beautiful selection of bright, autumnal plants and flowers for your porch or front step planter. We also carry a large assortment of decorative items; branches; including local bittersweet, wicker balls, pumpkins! Located at 282 Richmond Rd in Westboro we have everything you need to make your fall planters a gorgeous autumn cornucopia. Don’t have planters yet? We have those too! Come see our large selection of freeze-proof outdoor planters all at 20% off.

Luscious sedum!

Luscious sedum!

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