3″ Hoya Crassipetiolata


Welcome the lush, trailing beauty of the 3″ Hoya Crassipetiolata into your home—a plant that combines ease of care with the enchantment of its waxy, verdant foliage. This endearing Hoya variety, with its thick, heart-shaped leaves and a propensity for a climbing or cascading growth habit, is a beloved gem for both seasoned collectors and those just beginning their botanical journey.

The Hoya Crassipetiolata is more than a plant; it’s a living ornament, gracing your living space with its evergreen presence. As a member of the highly-coveted Hoya family, it stands out for its resilience and modest care requirements. This charming specimen is perfectly sized for small spaces, demanding little more than a cozy nook with bright, indirect light to thrive.

Its watering needs are minimal, preferring a dry-out period between waterings, making it a perfect companion for those with a busy lifestyle or a less-than-green thumb. Its cascading vines are a promise of growth and natural splendor, bringing a touch of the tropical to your indoor oasis.

Whether displayed as a hanging plant, allowing its vines to trail gracefully, or trained to climb a support for a more structured look, the 3″ Hoya Crassipetiolata is a versatile addition to any plant collection. Watch in anticipation for its potential blooms, which Hoya are known for, and enjoy the waxy, star-shaped flowers that may emerge as a sweet reward for your care.

Embrace the allure of this Hoya Crassipetiolata and let it cast a green spell over your personal sanctuary.

Decorative pot not included. Click here to view pots that fit this plant.

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