4″ Lipstick Curly Rasta


Introducing the vibrant 4″ Lipstick Plant ‘Curly Rasta’ – a unique and playful addition to any plant collection. This variety stands out with its tightly curled leaves, spiraling with a zest that’s as lively as a reggae tune. The ‘Curly Rasta’ is a cultivar of the classic Lipstick Plant, known for its lush, green foliage and bright, tubular flowers that resemble a tube of lipstick.

This particular plant is a bundle of joy and energy, with each leaf dancing in a curly fashion, adding a dynamic visual texture that’s both eye-catching and delightful. It’s an ideal choice for hanging baskets, where the cascade of curly leaves can tumble freely, or as a tabletop plant, where its unique form can be fully appreciated.

The 4″ Lipstick Plant ‘Curly Rasta’ thrives in bright, indirect light, which encourages it to produce its signature blooms. While it enjoys consistent moisture, it also appreciates well-draining soil to prevent root rot. With its easy-going nature, it’s suitable for both seasoned plant lovers and those new to the hobby.

Not only does the ‘Curly Rasta’ bring a touch of tropical flair to your indoor garden, but it also acts as a natural air purifier, making it as functional as it is beautiful. This lively plant is ready to bring its rhythmic charm into your home and become a cherished part of your plant family.

Decorative pot not included. Click here to view pots that fit this plant.

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