4″ Prayer Plant – Maranta Red


Step into a world where foliage performs a daily dance with the 4″ Prayer Plant – Maranta Red. Known for its striking leaves that fold together like hands in prayer as the sun sets, this plant is a captivating spectacle of nature’s rhythm.

Light & Life: Prefers bright, indirect light to showcase its vibrant red veining and lush green leaves. The Maranta thrives under the soft, dappled sunlight, avoiding the harsh direct rays that can fade its distinct colors.

Watering Wisdom: Loves consistently moist soil, reflecting its tropical origins. Water when the top inch of soil begins to dry out, ensuring a happy balance that supports its lush, vibrant growth without waterlogging.

A Dynamic Addition to Your Indoor Oasis: The 4″ Prayer Plant – Maranta Red is more than just a plant; it’s a living piece of decor that adds movement and beauty to your space. Perfect for plant enthusiasts and novices alike, it brings a touch of the tropics and a daily reminder of nature’s wonders to your home.

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