4″ Sansevieria Whale Fin


Step into the world of architectural beauty with the Sansevieria Whalefin Cluster, a plant that combines striking form with resilient nature. Known for its broad, paddle-like leaves, this variety stands out with its sculptural quality and deep green hues, occasionally accented with light variegation.

Light & Lifestyle: The Sansevieria Whalefin is undemanding, thriving in a range of light conditions from low to bright indirect light. It’s a champion of adaptability, making it a perfect fit for any corner of your home.

Thirsty Thoughts: Water sparingly, allowing the soil to completely dry out between waterings. This plant prefers neglect over attention when it comes to its watering schedule, making it ideal for the forgetful or busy plant parent.

A Bold Statement in Any Space: The 4″ Sansevieria Whalefin Cluster is not just a plant; it’s a bold statement. With its ease of care and striking appearance, it fits seamlessly into both minimalist and lush indoor spaces. Discover this architectural gem at Flowers Talk Tivoli, and add a touch of resilience and style to your plant collection.

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