6″ Staghorn Fern


Named ‘Staghorn Fern’ because when you look at this plant from above it looks like stag antlers!

Elevate your indoor jungle with the Staghorn Fern, a striking plant that brings a piece of the forest into your home. Known for its unique antler-like fronds, this fern adds a touch of wilderness and architectural interest to any space.

Light & Growth: Thrives in bright, indirect light, mimicking the dappled sunlight of its natural rainforest habitat. This placement encourages its fronds to grow lush and vibrant, showcasing the plant’s dramatic silhouette.

Watering Rituals: Prefers a consistent watering schedule that keeps its base lightly moist but not soggy. Mist regularly to replicate the humid conditions it loves, promoting healthy growth and the lush, green appearance of its fronds.

A Natural Work of Art: The Staghorn Fern is not just a plant; it’s a living sculpture. Perfect for mounting on wood or hanging in a basket, it offers a visually stunning alternative to traditional potted plants.

Ferns love humidity! Keep your new plant happy with a plant mister.

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