8″ Philodendron Hybrid Lemon Lime


With its bright lemon leaves, this fun and easy cascading philodendron is a great addition to your plant collection. Philodendron Hybrid Lemon Lime is an avid climber and a great addition to your philodendron collection.

Light conditions: Philodendron Hybrid Lemon Lime will thrive in medium indirect light. They can handle brighter light if it is filtered. Direct light will burn the leaves and cause permanent damage. If the Philodendron Cordatum Lemon does not receive enough light, the leaves will be floppy and will loose with strong colouring.

Watering conditions: Philodendron Hybrid Lemon Lime’s soil must be kept moist at all times, but do not let it sit in water or your plant will rot. If your Cordatum Lemon does not receive enough moisture, the leaves will turn brown.

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