Picotee Amaryllis Bulb


Grow your own beautiful blooms! These beautiful amaryllis bulbs grow to gorgeous blooms that can measure up to 8” across! Introduce a touch of exotic beauty to your holiday decor with our ‘Picotee’ Amaryllis Bulbs from Simple Pleasures Perennials and Bulbs. Renowned for its unique, white blooms delicately edged with a fine red line, this variety is the epitome of sophistication with a twist. It’s the perfect conversation starter for holiday gatherings or a captivating centerpiece for quiet evenings at home. Easy to grow, even for gardening newcomers: simply pot the bulb in well-draining soil, place it in a sunny location, and water lightly. In just a few weeks, you’ll enjoy a radiant floral display that seamlessly blends elegance and excitement!

This product is for a bulb; the item pictured is what the blooms will look like after growing.

We recommend adding a 6″ pot with river pebbles for your Amaryllis bulb.

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