Purifying Your Air With Houseplants

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Did you know that some houseplants have air purifying properties? It’s true! Some plants are more than just a pretty piece of decor. As we prepare to hibernate inside for the colder months, now is a good time to stock up on a couple of plants to help with your air quality. 

If you’re interested in reducing toxins in your home, these plants can help improve your air quality. While we know that plants exchange CO2 (what we exhale) for oxygen, some houseplants are just a little more prolific than others in their O2 output. 

Owners of these particular varieties of plants may actually notice better air quality in their homes. This is especially valuable since we will be indoors during the winter months!

There’s a bonus: some of the best air cleaners are also some of the easiest to grow! We currently have some excellent specimens available for in-store shopping or delivery. Check them out below!


Snake plants, also known as sansevieria, are modern, spiky, and stylish plants that are great at purifying the air. The best part: it is nearly impossible to kill them. That’s right – they thrive in medium to low light, and they are actually happier when you forget to water them. They’re almost foolproof!

Snake plants come in several varieties: From tall, broad-leafed ones to narrow, round-arcing blades, and in all different shades and patterns of green.



Another one of our favourite air-cleaning plants is the ZZ plant! Also known as Zamioculcas Zamifolia, the ZZ Plant is one of the best plants for any beginner or individual with a busy lifestyle.

It is happy in low light and thrives on neglect–this is the busy person’s perfect plant pairing. Seriously, I once had forgotten one in a basement for four months. When I rediscovered it, it had new growth! Does it get any better? I think not!



Pothos come in different varieties, and they never go out of style! This is a low-growing, trailing plant that can produce many leaf patterns; bright lime green, dark and mottled, and striped with white.

It has heart-shaped leaves that grow on long trailing vines that easily root in whatever they may be sitting. You can let them grow long or prune them for a more bushy plant.

Pothos require bright, indirect sunlight and water when the surface soil dries out. Use your finger to check the top inch or two, and don’t let the whole pot go fully dry. 



Also known as Ficus Elastica, these burgundy trees originate from India, come in unique varieties, and are great air purifiers! This plant is hardy and prefers bright, indirect light that isn’t too hot. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves!

Allow the plant to dry out between waterings, and do not let it sit in water. It’s key to avoid root rot. You want to keep the soil dry but not too dry. Be on the watch if the plant shows signs of stress!



5. Philodendron

Philodendrons are without a doubt, a favourite houseplant and great air-cleaners. And, they are relatively easy to look after!

They prefer bright, indirect sunlight. On the bright side, it will tolerate low light. Water regularly to keep the soil moist but never let them sit in water.

We have a great selection of these beautiful air purifiers for you to choose from. As well as a large brand-new shipment of gorgeous pots, saucers and stands to set them on and in!

Snake Plant in Pot

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