Sweet, violet PEI tulips

Easter is this weekend, is your home ready? Whether you’re hosting family dinner, visiting friends or eating a chocolate bunny quietly by yourself, we have all the springy things you need to welcome the Big Bun himself.

Hydrangeas are so fluffy and light!

We’re so excited to be working with spring blooms finally, in earnest. Our favourite tulips, the gorgeous Vancos’ from PEI’s red earth, show up every week in fine, boldly coloured form. Arranged in a full, mixed centrepiece with other springy things, or in a clean glass vase by their elegant selves, we really enjoy working with these Canadian beauties. While hydrangea is available year-round, spring is such a lovely time for it. It’s soft, billowy, bulk compliments the tulips and daffodils so well. Or maybe it’s that it looks kind of like a spring lamb…

Oh, those dark red oxalis leaves! So pretty!

Unusual spring plants can really jazz up a holiday table too. Dark and dramatic oxalis and bright orange ornithogalum are long-lasting plants that are a nice alternative to the classic bulbs. Ornithogalum blooms last for weeks as new buds open along the spire of blooms. We love oxalis for it’s ability to rebound from neglect; if you are prone to forgetfulness or take lots of long trips, you can leave the oxalis to – well… pretty much die – but don’t let the shriveled leaves fool you; the rhizomes are full of plenty of nutrients and just need a little regular watering again to start throwing out brand new, perfectly fine leaves!

They look green now, but all those little ornithogalum buds are just waiting to burst open in orange glory!

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