Refresh Your Planters For Fall

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I know it might seem a little bit early to be redoing your planters for fall, but as September begins, you will start to notice your summer plants start to look rundown and a little messy.🍂

I’m a sucker for summer, and I always try to hold onto every last minute of it… but it’s time to give your planters a refresh for fall!

The good news is you don’t have to get rid of all your summer plants. If you still have some that look good, you can incorporate them into your fall planter – especially if it’s a trailing plant.

Grab your supplies and follow along with me!

What you will need:

Let’s get started:

  1. Top up your planter with fresh potting soil.
  2. Working from the back to the front, place taller plants at the back – you don’t want to hide the smaller ones where no one will see them.
  3. Take your first medium-sized plant (I’m using some ornamental grass) and tuck it at the back of your planter. Lightly push the soil up around it, being careful not to push too hard making the soil too dense.
  4. Take your next medium-sized plant (I’ve chosen Jerusalem Cherries – I love them for their orange and yellow balls and the pop of colour they add) and tuck it next to the first plant. Pro tip: don’t plant straight up – instead, plant on a slight angle outward to make your planter look fuller and to give it some character!
  5. Your third plant should be a bit shorter (I’m using some ornamental kale). Place it in the centre of your planter and lightly pack the soil around it.
  6. Finally, choose some smaller plants to fill in the extra space. My preference is heather, which comes in a variety of colours including pink, purple, and white, and small traditional fall chrysanthemums. Tuck them in the front and on the sides to fill in the extra spaces, remembering to lightly pack down your soil.
  7. Add any additional decorative pieces or branches you would like, such as curly willow, dogwood or birch saplings. These are great to add some height and texture.
  8. The last step is to put your planter in its place, step back and enjoy your beautiful creation!

If you would like to create a fall planter you can purchase a Fall Planter DIY kit, or you can join us for our virtual Fall Planter Workshop! Check them out below:

Refresh Your Planters For Fall
Refresh Your Planters For Fall

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