Share Some Love This Valentine’s Day

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Let’s send some LOVE!

Growing up, Valentine’s Day was one of my most favourite holidays. I had no interest in Cupid or being shot with an arrow – I just loved the day filled with LOVE!

From cupcakes that my mom sent me to school with, to the pretty dress that I chose, I loved it all! But, most of all, I enjoyed sitting at the kitchen table with a list of all my classmates, using my favourite markers to address my handmade valentines. Our teacher had us hang a paper bag at the end of our desk and I just couldn’t wait to see them all filled.

That’s what a day meant for love means to me.

Of course, Valentine’s Day completely changed for me when I opened a flower shop. Sure, we still eat cupcakes in between creating floral arrangements, but for the most part, the day is filled with lots of roses, frigid temperatures and answering the phone. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it! But, will Valentine’s Day ever be better than when you were six-years-old?

Now, more than ever, we need to send some love out into the world. Instead of the usual romantic arrangements, how much fun would it be if we sent flowers to a girlfriend that has been homeschooling her troop of children, someone that works endless hours on the front lines, or to your sister who can’t take one more Zoom call?

We have created some cute little tokens to send to your loved ones to let them know that you are thinking of them, rooting for them, and sending them love.

It may not be as fun as a pretty dress, a bag filled with handwritten cards or mom’s homemade cupcakes, but it sure may help brighten the days of those you love!

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