I love the simplicity of tulips; the clean lines and promise of spring.

We receive quite a few different varieties of tulips from Holland and the Niagara Region, but one of our favourite tulip suppliers are Vanco tulips from PEI. It’s a family owned farm that prides itself on quality and ethic growing practices.

These two toned and white tulips were calling to me, so I had to share a fun DIY arrangement that anyone can do!

Follow along with this video and check out the tips below to create this gorgeous arrangement.


For this vase arrangement you will need:

  • 4 bunches of Vanco Tulips
  • Some lily or bear grass
  • A large container, like the jug style that I used, filled with cold water
  • A sharp pair of florist scissors or kitchen scissors

First, make sure to fill your clean vase with the coldest water from your tap.

If you use warm water, the tulips will open up quicker and their life span will be shortened.

Make sure to clean the stems of your tulips well, but pulling off the bottom leaves that are droopy or split. Try to keep the nice bright green leaves at the top of the tulip near the bloom. If you find that there is soil on your tulips when stripping the leaves, just run them under cold water to wash it away. You don’t want soil sitting at the bottom of your container.

Pink Tulips and greens

I like to start by making the bouquet of tulips in my hand and then adding them to the vase.

I used about 25 tulips or so to create a loose bouquet in my hand before placing them. Take the last 15 tulips and cut them to slightly different heights and place in and amongst. To finish off, I added a couple of stems of lily grass to add some more texture.

Pink and white tulips in vase

Keep your vase of tulips out of a sunny spot as the tulips will start to grow towards to sun. Change the water in your vase every couple of days or so and give your tulips a fresh cut before placing them back in cold water.

And don’t forget to share your beautiful arrangement with us on social media! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram. We can’t wait to see what you make!

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