Taking Your Indoor Plants Outside

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It’s that time of year when we are all craving to be outdoors! And your plants are craving to be outside too!

Your plants will thrive outdoors this summer with some of these tips and tricks:

1. Wait until the temperature at night stays above 12C.

It’s too much of a transition for your plants to go from a warm cozy place inside to outdoors at night with chillier temperatures! If you put them outside while it’s still too cold, they won’t be happy!

2. Make sure to harden off your plants.

Bring your plants outdoors for a couple of hours a day in a protected shadier spot to try and climatize them. Keep your plants protected from the bright sun and the wind. If not, you will run the risk of burning your plants and causing wind damage to them, especially when bringing plants out on porches and balconies where they are more vulnerable to the elements.

Bring your plants in and out for a couple of hours a day, longer the next day, longer the next day, etc. until the plants are climatized—this usually takes about seven to ten days. Take it from me, I have had many a burned planted from bringing them right outside without hardening them off! The beautiful lime green new growth is usually the quickest to burn since they are the most vulnerable.

3. Remember that the brightest spot inside your home is the shadiest spot outside in the summer.

Keep this in mind when choosing a spot for your babies outside!

4. Always make sure to keep your plants in pots with really good drainage.

When repotting, use a tropical soil or cacti mix instead of a generic garden soil which is too heavy on the plants. If you don’t have good drainage and good soil, you will run the risk of rotting your plants. With good drainage, your plants may need to be watered daily outdoors, especially your summer ferns and palms.

5. Fertilize weekly with a good fertilizer for indoor plants.

You will notice how quickly your plants will grow outside with rain and fertilizer.

6. Your plants will love water on their leaves, it will clean off any of the dust and open the plant pores up.

You’ll be amazed at how shiny your leaves will be!

7. Keep your plants protected from the wind and pouring rain.

As much as they love a light rain shower, they need to be protected from torrential downpours and wind which can damage the leaves and possibly drown your plants.

Here are a few of our favourite indoor plants that like it outside in the summer:

Morning Sun Tropical Plants:

Sun Loving Tropical Plants:

For more tips on bringing your indoor plants outside, check out the video below!


There you have it! Your plants and you will enjoy some much-needed sun with these tips. 

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