The All-Inclusive Beginner’s Guide to Ordering Flowers

by Flowers

Are you new to ordering flowers? Maybe you’re not sure what to ask for or what to expect. Don’t stress! Keep reading for our best advice for ordering flowers in Ottawa and other cities.

The biggest myth that I hear from customers is that they believe if they don’t place their order in person, the freshest flowers will not be sent. All florists work with the rule of thumb, first in first out, and many receive multiple floral shipments per week from a variety of suppliers.

You don’t want to send flowers on Saturday that come into the store on Monday. Some flowers definitely do last longer than others, but you always want the freshest so that they can be enjoyed longer. The average bouquet lasts about 5 to 7 days or so.

When calling your local florist, ask what they have received and what they would suggest.

Here are a couple of suggestions to make the ordering process as easy as possible:


Research a flower shop that is within the city of the person you are sending flowers to. Hop on Facebook or Instagram and see some of the designs that they have created. I suggest staying away from the large order-gathering websites and contacting the shop directly.

The gathering website takes a huge chunk of your budget, not leaving very much for the florals. I have heard many stories of someone paying $150 for flowers only to see that the person had received a $75 bouquet. We want as much of that budget to go towards flowers. By doing this, you’re also helping to support local flower shops and local growers.


Have a rough budget in mind and let your florist know what the occasion is for the florals. Let them make suggestions based on the occasion and budget. For instance, if you are sending a sympathy arrangement from a group of people, the florist may suggest keeping a neutral colour palette and an appropriate budget for the size that you would like to send.

Tivoli Top Shelf
Plant Cards
Showstopper Arrangement


If you happen to know the recipient’s favourite colour or flower, share that as well so that the design can incorporate these if available. If you don’t know, going with a more neutral palette would be suitable. Also, let the florist know if the recipient has an aversion to fragrance.


Have the recipient’s name, address and phone number(s) handy.


Plan ahead and know exactly what you would like the card to say. The cards that are usually included with your arrangements are about the size of a business card, so sometimes shorter is sweeter. 


Have trust in the floral shop and the designers to create something beautiful on your behalf. The more open you are to their suggestions and creativity, the more stunning the arrangement will be. The designers will create a floral work of art for you!

I hope this helps you the next time you are placing your floral orders!

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Bouquet of Peonies
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