We love bringing in new plants at Flowers Talk Tivoli and sharing them with you! 

Here’s a little bit about three special plants we have in the store.

Peperomia Puteolata or “Stepladder plant”

How cute are these little guys?

New small green plant.
Fleshy-leaved Peperomia

They are part of the succulent family, so overwatering can be a problem for these little fellas. They do need more watering than most succulents, but not as much as your usual tropical plants. They like to dry out between waterings and thrive in bright light, but not direct sunlight. Too much sunlight will cause brown spots on the leaves and too little sunlight with stunt the growth of the plant.


We love the size of these leaves!

New green plant with large wavy edged leaves.
Alocasia, a.k.a. Elephant Ear

The Alocasia low rider, also nicknamed Elephant Ear, likes bright natural sunlight, but not direct sunlight. If your alocasia’s new forever home offers too much sunlight, some afternoon shade in the hot summer months is required. They like to be kept relatively moist and evenly wet. Which means, it doesn’t like to be completely dry, but also can’t be kept wet at all times. Giving the 6” pot size a good watering every week should keep it happy. It will require a bit less watering in the winter months since it’s not growing as quickly.

The alocasia does like high humidity, so misting daily as well as placing it on a pebble tray will help combat the dryness in our homes. A humidifier would be a good investment to be placed amongst your plants that like high humidity.

Maidenhair Fern 

Did you know the oil from the maidenhair fern’s leaves has been used as an ingredient in shampoo? That’s how this beauty gets her name.

This fern loves high humidity and indirect sunlight. East or west-facing windows are good homes for these beauties.

The maidenhair fern is made up of tiny little leaves per stem resulting in its temperament to dry out easily. To keep the humidity level up, the maidenhair fern should be misted a couple of times a day. Displaying your fern on a bed of pebbles with water will also help with the dryness in homes and offices.

Interested in seeing what the Maidenhair Fern looks like? Click here to find out!

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