Top 5 Reasons why Peonies are my Favourite Flower

by Elizabeth's Picks, Flowers

5 reasons why peonies are my favourite flower!

Different flowers have different pros and cons, but peonies are one of those flowers where it seems like the list of positives just never ends!

I wanted to highlight my top 5 reasons why peonies are my favourite flower just in time for their peak bloom, so everyone can enjoy them this season!

1. They smell heavenly

If a perfume company could capture the true essence of the peony fragrance and bottle it, I would be a customer for life. When you walk past an arrangement and you catch that sweet floral scent, it can turn your whole day around.

2. You can grow them in your garden

If you have full sun and a protected spot in your garden, peonies will reward you with beautiful blooms year after year. Make sure to stake them to help support the stems while they are growing. The best time to plant peonies in your garden is the fall. Immature peony bushes take an average of three years to flower for you, but will live for upwards of fifty years.

Pink Peonies
Bouquet of Peonies
Bouquet of Peonies

3. They are the perfect flower for weddings & anniversaries

Peonies are known to be a sign of good fortune and happy marriage. From May to July, they are one of our most sought after wedding flowers. They are also known as the flower that represents twelve years of marriage.

4. They are a long-lasting cut flower

Peonies tend to last longer cut and in a vase, rather than in your garden. When the blooms are sent to us, they are quite tight to allow for more enjoyment. When you receive your peonies, give them a fresh cut. If they are tight, put them in warm water in a sunny location to encourage them to open. If they are already at their opening stage, put them in cooler water in a shady location. Peonies will also change their colour for you. A dark coral bloom will lighten over the day to a pale yellow.

5. They have one of the shortest growing seasons

I know this probably shouldn’t be a reason why I love them so much, but it is! If I can only have them in our arrangements for 8 weeks, it makes me appreciate them even more. We start our season with them coming in from Holland in May, British Columbia in late May, Niagara in early June and locally mid June. In a blink, the season is over and we dream of the day when we can smell their fragrance and appreciate their beauty once again.

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Multi-coloured peony bouquet
Pink Peony
Pink Peony Bouquet

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