Duration Matters:

The length of your vacation determines the care your plants will need. For an extended European tour, consider enlisting a plant sitter. But if you’re away for a week, don’t worry! You can take steps to ensure their well-being.

Pre-Vacation Watering:

Before you leave, give your plants a thorough watering. This will provide them with a good moisture base to sustain them while you’re gone. Remember, different plants have varying water requirements, so adjust accordingly.

Grouping for Microclimate:

Create a mini oasis for your plants by grouping them together a few feet away from bright light. This clustering technique creates a microclimate that boosts humidity, helping your plants retain moisture.

Protect from Direct Sun:

Position your plants away from direct sunlight during your absence. This prevents them from drying out too quickly. Find a spot where they can still receive indirect light without being exposed to the harsh rays.

Watering Solutions:

Invest in watering globes or self-watering systems for plants that require consistent moisture. These handy tools release water gradually, keeping the soil moist and providing your plants with the hydration they need.

Bonus Tip: Friends or Plant Sitters: If possible, ask a friend or plant sitter to care for your plants. Group them by care requirements and provide a cheat sheet with specific instructions. This way, your plants will receive personalized attention and care in your absence.

Remember, maintaining healthy plants while you’re on vacation is possible with a little preparation and consideration. Enjoy your trip, knowing that your green friends are well taken care of!


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