We have made it to the last week of January! Does it feel like the holidays were only one month ago?

Maybe I’m not the best at math, but when I get through January, Valentine’s day is around the corner, February is a short month, and then boom… March! Which to me equals spring. And what better way to manifest spring than with gorgeous spring flowers? No other flower can scream spring to me than beautiful tulips. As much as we do love our Holland and Ontario grown tulips, my heart beats a little faster when I unpack the tulips from Vanco Farms in Prince Edward Island. Grown in that iconic red sandy soil, they are a tried and true staple for us at the shop from January to May.

Our Vanco tulips are by far the longest-lasting tulip that we carry and we are so excited to share them with you! Whether you are sending them to someone to brighten their day or welcome spring into your kitchen with a weekly order, tulips are the perfect flower to manifest spring.

Dozen Roses
Elizabeth, owner of Flowers Talk Tivoli in Ottawa, is making a gift arrangement of flowers.

Vanco Farm Tulips

As mentioned above, we love the Vanco Farm and the fresh Tulips they grow year after year. They take last year’s bulbs and dupe them into thinking it is winter and then slowly bring them into a warmer environment making the bulbs think it is springtime. This process allows them to provide fresher blooms for an extended period of time and longer than if they grew outside on their own.

At Flowers Talk Tivoli, it is our mission to provide you with the best quality of flowers all year round and that is why we love to support Vanco Farms and their top-notch Tulips.

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Winter Hanging Basket
Outdoor Winter Planter
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