The trend of working with nature continues into 2016. We’re moving a little away from the barn board roughness and more towards a soft, delicate natural, with just a few glamorous touches. We looove that the look of natural, field-gathered bouquets is still going strong! And even evolving! You don’t want to take something so beautifully delicate by nature and force it into this hard, strict shape. We want to work with the flowers, with their natural flow and expression, to help create an intuitive complement to your look.

Soft, natural bridal bouquet.

A delicate mix of small-bloomed mimosa, sweet William, astilbe and tweedia.

Two ways we’re seeing that is in soft, airy posies and big, bold, escaping bouquets.

With no large blooms to dominate, a sweet, gentle mix of astilbe, mimosa, and Queen Anne’s lace gives just the right delicate accent to a more casual, bohemian look. The other, more dramatic look is the bold, leggy armful of the showstopper bouquet. The flowers are exploding out in all directions! The shape is balanced, but asymmetrical, and the blooms are big!

Keeping well with the natural garden look is the use of edible accents. Herbs as greenery, kumquats for boutonnieres! Food is beautiful and an enduring symbol in the expression of marriage as a nurturing partnership.

The Showstopper!

The Showstopper!

As the impacts of our habits on global warming become more and more evident, we are seeing an increasing number of brides who, like with their food, are deeply concerned with the environmental impact of their wedding flowers. Locally grown, seasonal and foraged blooms are increasingly popular. Couples are less concerned with the notion of getting that “perfect one” and more interested in something that reflects their

Bright colour wedding flowers

A beautiful bright theme!

hometown, the natural backdrop to their lives. Many of our flowers come from growers in the Toronto area, so they don’t travel very long at all. When the summer blooms are booming in Ottawa, we have our very own stealthy forager who knows all the best spots for local, wild grown lilacs, hydrangeas, bittersweet, and lots more.

Neutral tone flowers

Scabiosa pods, Sahara roses, silver brunia balls and heleborus.

Finally in colours we are seeing more couples going to extremes in their colour palettes. No more soft and middling pastels, people want either no colour or ALL THE COLOURS! Neutrals are expanding from whites and greens to include soft ivories, beige, greys, and taupes. Unusual tropicals, like grey brunia and seeded eucalyptus give texture and character to a calm colour scheme that can also include beigey Sahara roses and heleborus. Flying in the other direction are the bright and bold themes of wild jewel tones and bold brights. Hot pink roses with fire red proteas and lime green viburnum make a wonderfully cheerful bouquet!

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