Is there anything better than when the long term forecast shows us that the threat of frost is gone and we can get outside and dig our hands in the dirt? Summer planters are my favourite out of all of the seasons to plant. I love the colours, the sizes, the variety and the tropical influence in so many.

I have pulled some pictures from some of my favourite planters that I planted last year to help you get inspired.

It is such a difference when we first plant at the beginning of the season to how full the planters look by mid-season!

Here are some pictures from the first planting days last June:

afternoon sun planter

This large planter with afternoon sun complimented this mix beautifully. Filled with both white and red mandevilla, a large area palm, German ivy, and fragrant jasmine. These flowers will spill nicely over the front of the container and add some lovely fragrance for the whole summer.

pink planter

I love the punch of pink that we get from the bouganville in this planter. Complimented with cordelyne, hot pink New Guinea impatiens, Boston ferns, jasmine, and ixora.

large concret planter

I’m a huge fan of this eclectic mix of lime green philodendron, asparagus ferns, ioxa, solamanun, red mandevilla, and bromeliad.

Palm planters

These planters with area palms, Licorise vine and papyrus are simple and perfect for a minimalist look.

morning sun planter

This classic mix of bridal veil, spathe, million bells petunias, New Guinea impatiens, and lime green potato vine, adds the perfect touch of lush to any porch. This mix will do well in the morning sun. The spathe eventually filled in nicely to create a beautiful backdrop to the trailing plants in the front.


Which of these planters is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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