The colours are changing, and the temperatures are beginning to cool, but what does this mean for your plants?

First things first, let’s review which plants can survive the outdoors during colder weather and which ones need to come indoors.

When Should You Move Your Outdoor Plants Inside? Winter is coming... do you know when it's "too late" in the season to relocate your outdoor plants safely inside?

When Should You Bring Your Outdoor Plants Inside?

As soon as temperatures drop below 7°Celsius (or 45° Fahrenheit) you should begin the relocation process of your outdoor plants to the indoors, or cover the ones that will remain outside.

5 Steps To Properly Transition Your Outdoor Plants

1. Determine which of your plants are moving in. Step outside and decide which plants need to move inside before it gets too cold.

2. Remove the creepy crawlies. Soak those plants in a big bucket of water for approximately 15 minutes. The water will need to come up over the sides of your growers’ pot. By doing this, any little creatures that have taken up residency on your plant will float to the surface. Remove any bugs that float to the top of your soil with your fingers, spoon, or a gardening tool. Then place them back outside. If the critters in your soil are stubborn about moving out, this may be time to change the soil mixture. Consider using a good potting mix for tropical plants to ensure proper drainage and nutrients.

3. Evaluate the pot your plant is in because it might be time for a new one. If you find that:

  • The roots are growing out of your pot 
  • Your plants seem unable to soak up enough water
  • The leaves are yellowing 

Then it may be time to repot those plant babies. Keep the growers’ pot your plant came in because it already has good drainage to ensure your plants do not sit in excess water.

4. Give those plants a good cleanse! Spray your leaves with an insecticide or a mild detergent to clean off the leaves.

5. Finish things off with a fresh cut. Trim any leaves back that look like they have seen better days. A general rule of thumb: is not to trim more than 1/3 of your plant.

Remember, it is normal for your plants to drop some leaves or go through a bit of a transition after bringing them in. It occurs because we do not have the same humidity or sunlight in our homes, and it may take a month or so for your plants to acclimate to their new environment.

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Winter is coming... do you know when it's "too late" in the season to relocate your outdoor plants safely inside?

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