Have you ever felt a connection to a particular flower without fully understanding why? It turns out, your favorite bloom might be doing more than just tickling your senses; it could be a floral mirror reflecting your very personality!

At Flowers Talk Tivoli, our botanical matchmakers have been pairing people with petals for years, and we’ve noticed some fun patterns. Based on the beautiful arrangements we’ve crafted, showcased in the vibrant photos we’ve shared with you, here’s our light-hearted take on what your favorite flower might be saying about you!


The Quirky Creator: Ranunculus and Lisianthus Ranunculus, with their swirling layers, and lisianthus, with their soft, fluted edges, are the choice of the innovative spirit with a flair for originality. If you’re drawn to these blooms, you’re a true original with an artistic vision that sees the world through a lens of wonder. Your ideas are as colorful and multi-dimensional as the petals of the ranunculus, and your approach to life is as graceful and effortless as the elegant lisianthus.

The Sophisticated Intellectual: Orchids are not just flowers; they’re a statement. Preferring these exotic beauties suggests you have a taste for the finer things and an appreciation for complexity. Like the orchid, you possess a mysterious allure and a quiet confidence. You’re known for your refined elegance and depth of character, and you approach life’s challenges with poise and inner strength.

The Loyal Companion: Sticking with peonies for the loyal companion reflects a person who values tradition and has a heart full of generosity. With their lush, full blooms, peonies embody abundance and grace. As a friend, you are trustworthy and giving, always ready to lend support. Your relationships are deep and long-lasting, much like the enduring beauty of the peony.

Whether your spirit aligns with the creative whirl of ranunculus, the sophistication of orchids, or the heartwarming fullness of peonies, your preferred bouquet at Flowers Talk Tivoli speaks volumes about the person you are. Every flower has a language of its own, and every choice we make is a reflection of our innermost selves. So, next time you’re amidst nature’s bounty, listen closely—your floral favorites have quite the story to tell about you!


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