Why Roses For Valentine’s?

by Floral, Flowers

Love is in the air my friends!

I hope wherever you are in this snowy, marshmallow world you are warm, happy and with (or will soon be with) your Valentine.

I also hope you remembered to get them some very special Flowers Talk Tivoli roses.

But why roses, you may wonder?

Roses have long been the traditional symbol of romantic love, and therefore an obvious choice for the holiday of love. You might be wondering, why is that and was this always the case? I was pondering this myself, so I went a-Googling to find you some answers.

Red roses began their journey as a symbol for love in ancient Rome, where they were connected to Venus; goddess of love and fertility. As such, Venus was an important figure in Roman nuptial celebrations and rites where red roses were used with myrtle in the bridal bouquet to symbolize lasting devotion and fruitfulness for the happy couple.

Since then, they have surfaced as symbols of love around the world: Cleopatra carpeted her chambers in rose petals to woo Marc Anthony; in Persian legend, it was the love for the rose that taught the nightingale to sing, in exchange his blood turned the rose-red; popular in the 19th century, floriography (the language of flowers) saw roses as the epitome of a love declaration.

And today they persist as the ultimate gesture of love and affection. If you want a gift that says, unequivocally, “I love you!”, roses are it!

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