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DIY Kit – Rustic Wood Succulent Dish Garden


Create a stylish dish garden full of lovely succulents with this DIY kit!

Succulents are easy to care for plants that thrive in bright light and need very little ongoing attention to stay healthy & happy!

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Succulent selection may vary from pictured products. We will select the best specimens from our available selection at the time of your order.

Kit includes everything you need to complete your DIY succulent garden:

Small Rustic Wooden Brick Mould Planter

2 in stock

2.5" Premium Assorted Succulent × 3

When you order, we will select the best specimens for you from our current available selection of 2.5" succulents.

Out of stock

Mixed River Pebbles

Essential for good drainage in your display

6 in stock

2.5" Burro's Tail × 2

15 in stock

Insufficient stock